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    Saffron Rice ...  $7.00

Braised basmati rice with  fried shallots, cumin seeds and saffron 

    Steamed Basmati Rice ...  $7.00

Steamed basmati rice

    Lime Coconut Rice ...  $7.50

Festive pulao rice tinged with green lime, fresh curry leaves and  dried coconut

    Peas Pulao ...  $7.50

Green peas tossed with  ground cumin and basmati rice

    Vegetable Fried Rice ...  $8.00

Rice wok tossed with fresh mushrooms, seasonal vegetables, egg and spring onions

    Chicken Tikka Fried Rice ...  $9.90

Rice tossed with fresh garlic, garam masala and shredded chicken tikka, finished with fresh mint and coriander

    Biryani/ Lamb/ Chicken/ Prawn ...  $16.00

Braised Lamb or Chicken l cooked gently with aromatic spices and then layered with Basmati rice , browned onions, baked in oven

    Tandoori Roti ...  $3.00

Unleavened whole wheat bread baked in tandoor

    Lachcha Paratha: Pudhina/ Plain ...  $4.00

Layered flaky whole wheat bread enriched with butter baked plain or with mint

    Naan Plain/ Butter/ Garlic ...  $3.00

Traditional leavened dough bread in a classic teardrop shape baked in tandoor

    Onion Kulcha ...  $3.90

Naan stuffed with chopped onions and herbs

    Stuffed Naan ...  $4.50

paneer and onion


spiced potato and fresh coriander


coconut and plump raisins


lamb mince and herbs


dried fruits and nuts


chicken tikka


Peshawari Naan

    Cucumber Raita ...  $3.00

A smooth blend of natural yoghurt with shredded cucumber, mint and toasted ground cumin 

    Bhurrani raita ...  $3.00

Yoghurt relish whisked with ginger juice, garlic and a hint of ground red chillies 

    Garden Salad ...  $4.00

Mesclun greens, plum tomatoes, spring onions and lime

    Punjabi Laal Pyaz ...  $2.00

Paper thin sliced red onions with ground cumin, chaat masala coriander and lemon

    Lentil Pappadums ...  $3.00

Served with a medley of homemade chutneys 

    Mixed Pickle ...  $2.00

    Mango Chutney ...  $2.00