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Mains Vegetables
    Tawa paneer Masala ...  $12.90

Fresh paneer whole and crumbled simmered in satin smooth creamy tomato  sauce with soft onion and capsicum

    Paneer Palak ...  $12.90

Sauteed cubes of paneer in a sauce of creamed spinach puree’ with a touch of fenugreek

    Bhindi Masala ...  $10.90

Fresh Okra stifried with tomatoes, herbs, spices and fresh coriander

    Navratan Korma ...  $14.00

Classic  Vegetable korma curry with seasonal vegetables, paneer and chickpeas simmered in a rich cashew nut sauce with subtle fragrance of nutmeg 

    Malai kofta ...  $14.50

Soft dumplings of cottage cheese, mixed vegetables and potatoes served in a flavoursome sauce dried fruits and nuts

    Mixed Vegetable Jalfrezie ...  $14.00

An aromatic blend of garden fresh vegetables, tomatoes ,onions and capsicum with  exotic herbs and spices

    Chana Masala ...  $14.00

Chick peas  cooked in a tangy melange of freshly roasted spices and herbs

    Dal Raga ...  $12.90

Whole black lentils and kidney beans with tomato puree’ and spices, simmered overnight over charcoal and finished with a dash of cream

    Kadai Baigan ...  $12.50

Baby eggplant slow cooked with garlic, tomatoes and curry leaves and coconut milk

    Aloo Ghobi Muttar ...  $12.00

Potatoes, peas and cauliflower in masala sauce

    Bombay Aloo ...  $10.50

Pan tossed diced potatoes with cumin, shallots, tomatoes and coriander and finished with lemon juice