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Mains Lamb
    Lamb Achari ...  $15.00

Lamb slow cooked  in a masala of fennel seeds, mustard oil, black onion seeds in a sauce of onions and tomatoes

    Kashmiri Lamb Roganjosh ...  $15.00

An all time favourite traditional lamb curry with boneless lamb cooked with browned onions, tomatoes and sweet Kashmiri chillies

    Lamb Shanks curry ...  $15.00

Slow braised lamb shanks with aromatic spices in a caramelised onion and tomatoes with fresh mint

    Saag Gosht ...  $16.00

Lamb cubes cooked in a creamy English spinach sauce with tandoori red onions and garam masala

    Lamb Rahra Pasanda ...  $16.00

Tender lamb cooked  with its own mince in a creamy cashew onion sauce

    Punjabi Goat Curry ...  $15.00

Goat legs braised in aromatic sauce of onions, tomatoes and garam masala

    Keema Mutter ...  $14.50

Lamb mince  curry cooked with  fresh peas and herbs

    Haleem ...  $16.00

One dish-meal slow cooked for five hours which results in a paste-like consistency, blending the flavors of spices, meat, lentils and cracked wheat