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Starters Vegetarian
    Paani Puri ...  $5.90

Crisp whole-wheat spheres filled with cumin and mint flavoured water, chickpeas, potato and tamarind

    Sunhere Samosa ...  $6.00

Traditional deep-fried shortcrust pastry filled with spiced and tempered mixture of potatoes and peas.

    Gobhi aur dal ke pakode ...  $6.50

Cauliflower and ground lentil batter fritters with white radish and herb relish

    Palak Patta Chaat ...  $7.00

Crisp spinach leaves, chickpeas , potatoes, sweet &sour chutney and sweetened yoghurt

    Onion Bhajji ...  $7.00

Battered fried crispy onion rings with chaat masala

    Tandoori Mushrooms ...  $10.90

Tandoor grilled seasonal mushrooms marinated in mustard and  pickling spices

    Punjabi Paneer Tikka ...  $12.90

A Shaslik of paneer, capsicum and red onions, marinated in fresh and dried spices,  fired in tandoor

Starters Non Vegetarian


    SOFT SHELL CRAB ‘PAKODAS’ ...  $5.90

Soft shell crab deep fried in classic chickpea flour batter with mint chutney

    Scallops Lehsuni ...  $9.90

Tasmanian scallops, seared with garlic & garam masala butter baked over English spinach

    Quail 65 ...  $10.90

Crispy fried spiced quail with tomato pickle chutney

Crispy fried spiced quail with tomato pickle chutney
    Tandoori Chicken Tikka ...  $6.00

Classic boneless ‘tandoori chicken’, marinated in yoghurt, ginger, garlic and fenugreek

    Murg Malai Tikka ...  $10.50

Grilled chicken marinated in cashew paste, cream and cardamom

    Tandoori lamb cutlets (04 pcs) ...  $14.00

Tandoori succulent lamb cutlets marinated in ground chilly, fennel, hung curd and raw papaya

    Seekh kabab ...  $14.00

Minced lamb kabab with fresh mint and Garam masala

    Fish Tikka Hariyali ...  $14.00

Boneless fish tikkas marinated in a paste of mint and coriander, chargrilled in clay oven

Sharing Sizzling Platters(for two)
    Vegetarian Platter ...  $22.00

Tandoori mushrooms, Punjabi paneer tikka, Samosa Chaat and Onion Bhajji

    Tandoori Platter ...  $24.00

Chicken Tikka, Murg Malai Tikka, Seekh kabab and Tandoori lamb cutlets

    Seafood Platter ...  $24.00

Scallops Lehsuni, Prawns Amritsari and Tandoori Fish