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Mains Vegetables
    Tawa paneer Masala ...  $12.90

Fresh paneer whole and crumbled simmered in satin smooth creamy tomato  sauce with soft onion and capsicum

    Paneer Palak ...  $12.90

Sauteed cubes of paneer in a sauce of creamed spinach puree’ with a touch of fenugreek

    Bhindi Masala ...  $10.90

Fresh Okra stifried with tomatoes, herbs, spices and fresh coriander

    Navratan Korma ...  $14.00

Classic  Vegetable korma curry with seasonal vegetables, paneer and chickpeas simmered in a rich cashew nut sauce with subtle fragrance of nutmeg 

    Malai kofta ...  $14.50

Soft dumplings of cottage cheese, mixed vegetables and potatoes served in a flavoursome sauce dried fruits and nuts

    Mixed Vegetable Jalfrezie ...  $14.00

An aromatic blend of garden fresh vegetables, tomatoes ,onions and capsicum with  exotic herbs and spices

    Chana Masala ...  $14.00

Chick peas  cooked in a tangy melange of freshly roasted spices and herbs

    Dal Raga ...  $12.90

Whole black lentils and kidney beans with tomato puree’ and spices, simmered overnight over charcoal and finished with a dash of cream

    Kadai Baigan ...  $12.50

Baby eggplant slow cooked with garlic, tomatoes and curry leaves and coconut milk

    Aloo Ghobi Muttar ...  $12.00

Potatoes, peas and cauliflower in masala sauce

    Bombay Aloo ...  $10.50

Pan tossed diced potatoes with cumin, shallots, tomatoes and coriander and finished with lemon juice

Mains Chicken
    Chicken Tikka Masala ...  $15.00

An all time delicacy of barbecued chicken cooked in a fresh tomato and butter sauce , finished with soft capsicum and onion 

    Butter Chicken ...  $15.00

Raga’s ‘Butter Chicken’, chicken roasted in tandoor and then finished in a sauce of mild blend of tomatoes, cream and dried fenugreek leaves 

    Chicken Shahi Korma ...  $16.00

A traditional Mughlai curry with morsels of chicken simmered in a rich cream, cashew and melon seeds sauce with a hint of mace and cardamom

    Chicken Madras ...  $16.00

A peppery chicken delicacy from coastal south with curry leaves, dried coconut and fresh coriander

    Vindaloo Chicken and Mushroom curry ...  $16.00

Our twist of chicken vindaloo curry with earthy mushrooms in a melange of freshly roasted spices and green masala 

    Chicken Kandhari Kofta ...  $16.00

Chicken meat balls cooked in mild yougurt and onion sauce with fresh herbs

    Saag Chicken ...  $16.00

A beautiful combination of chicken simmered in textures of creamed spinach, garlic and aromatic spices

    Malabari Duck Curry ...  $17.00

Roast duck slow cooked in textures of fresh turmeric, sweet chillies, fennel seeds, red onions and coconut cream

Mains Lamb
    Lamb Achari ...  $15.00

Lamb slow cooked  in a masala of fennel seeds, mustard oil, black onion seeds in a sauce of onions and tomatoes

    Kashmiri Lamb Roganjosh ...  $15.00

An all time favourite traditional lamb curry with boneless lamb cooked with browned onions, tomatoes and sweet Kashmiri chillies

    Lamb Shanks curry ...  $15.00

Slow braised lamb shanks with aromatic spices in a caramelised onion and tomatoes with fresh mint

    Saag Gosht ...  $16.00

Lamb cubes cooked in a creamy English spinach sauce with tandoori red onions and garam masala

    Lamb Rahra Pasanda ...  $16.00

Tender lamb cooked  with its own mince in a creamy cashew onion sauce

    Punjabi Goat Curry ...  $15.00

Goat legs braised in aromatic sauce of onions, tomatoes and garam masala

    Keema Mutter ...  $14.50

Lamb mince  curry cooked with  fresh peas and herbs

    Haleem ...  $16.00

One dish-meal slow cooked for five hours which results in a paste-like consistency, blending the flavors of spices, meat, lentils and cracked wheat

    Beef Vindaloo ...  $16.00

Where the humble Vindaloo varies from one home to another, we present our own exclusive recipe of diced beef  with Goan spices, malt vinegar and tangy sweet and sour sauce

    Bhuna Beef Masala ...  $16.00

Slow cooked beef napped in a tomato gravy with roast capsicums and red onions

    Beef Mughlai Korma ...  $16.00

‘Beef Kashmiri’, with aromatic cashew-tomato sauce and mixed nuts and a hint of nutmeg

    Bhindi and chana beef masala ...  $16.00

Diced Beef cooked with okra and chickpeas

    Dhaba Beef ...  $15.00

Authentic beef curry in a gravy of onions and tomatoes, garam masala and fresh ginger and coriander

    Seafood Masala ...  $17.00

Fish, scallops and prawns cooked in a sauce of onion, coconut, turmeric and fresh curry leaves

    Salmon curry Vindaloo style ...  $17.00

Tandoor roast salmon done Vindaloo style with roast potatoes

    Prawns Malabari ...  $16.00

Tiger prawns tossed with shallots, curry leaves, tomatoes, tamarind pulp and crushed peppercorns

    Prawn Balchao ...  $16.00

Prawns cooked in sweet and sour tomato and garlic sauce

    Goan Fish Curry ...  $16.00

Fresh fish of the day poached with fresh tomato puree and garlic with a hint of fennel and coriander stems

    Seafood Tawa Pulao ...  $16.00

An aromatic delicacy of Basmati rice with prawns ,fish and scallops, pan tossed with baby peas, fresh herbs and saffron